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Live Review Jul 25/11 "Ultimate Power Duo is the best Canadian band I've seen yet!" Nigel Bennett (The Vibrators)

New Normal Review Dec 11/09 "Saskatoon isn’t exactly a tourist destination of the highest accord in Canada, but at least acts like Ultimate Power Duo are doing their best to put the province’s musical talents at the forefront. The raw energy of the band’s second full-length, New Normal, is a surprisingly meaty listen for a three-piece, with scuzzy solos laced upon chunky, stomping rhythms." Joshua Kloke -

Great Escape Review May/09 "Next up are Saskatoon's brilliantly named Ultimate Power Duo. Naturally enough, UPD are in fact a classic power trio of riffs, pummeling drums all kept in check by a low end rumble to make Mike Watt jealous. Fresh from being hand picked as a support act for Bad Religion by Jay Bentley himself and a handful of dates with Canadian punk legends NomeansNo under there belt, The UPD are a vacum tight punk rock unit, playing a self proclaimed "Demolition Rock" - theirs is the music that would be made if the neo-garage rock of The Hives or Rocket From The Crypt played a game of Chicken with The Minutemen and The Ramones and neither backed down. Clad in an all black uniform they know they're r'n'r history, nodding to The Minutemen's "If Reagan Played Disco" during the intro to the no-wave onslaught that is "Noam Disco". The beauty of UPD is the clear delight they take in playing - a reminder that life is too short to not enjoy yourself and a celebration of living in, and for the moment. Their set ends with both non-drumming members performing Pete Townesend-esque windmills before launching their guitars into the roof of the building."

Great Escape Review May/09 "The perfect start to the day. He was followed by the hugely energetic, Ultimate Power Duo who, at first, channeled early Weezer and Green Day before displaying much needed classic rock licks laced with self-knowing, irony - but never less than 'awesome'. Particular highlights being their song about a time-travelling serial killer; 'It's like Groundhog Day meets, er, Silence of the Lambs.' and the genius track Cone of Silence that has to be seen live to be believed."

Great Escape Review May/09 "I got there just as Ultimate Power Duo were kicking off a great set, bouncy punkish tracks from a band that obviously get a kick out of performing - their track "The Code Of Silence" is definitely worth looking out for."

Great Escape Review May/09 "Luckily next up was my second helping of the day of self styled 'Demolition Rockers' Ultimate Power Duo. Actually a trio, playing a fine line of bratty no-wave rock complete with plenty of 'Power Fist' throwing and song titles like 'Buddy Holly Was The First Ramone' and 'If Chomsky Played Disco'."

Great Escape Review May/09 "In the afternoon, I headed over to the Canadian bands showcase at Arc on the beach. Caught the end of the set by Ultimate Power Duo (there seemed to be three of them, though I couldn't get near enough to confirm - those wacky Canadians!)"

New Normal Review May/09 "I have to tip the hat to this trio for staying true to itself, and maturing in their approach as they went to put this CD together. This time around I do hear a bit more of a British style to some of the cuts, something they may have picked up when they played there. There are in fact, a few cuts here, that I do like quite a lot; in particular Judas The Betrayed. Overall there is an energy here, that is infectious, and that carries the CD too." Calvin Daniels - Yorkton, SK

New Normal Review Apr 4/09 "From the spectacular melodies on the opener "Count Chocula" to the awesome finale of the title track, the album successfully forges a party-punk atmosphere that makes you want to paint your bedroom walls black and push your grandmother into a mosh pit...New Normal is full of crunchy licks and playful lyrics...The album puts the raw back in rock. Julian Blizzard -

New Normal is anything but ordinary! 5 stars Apr3/09 "If Ultimate Power Duo is the "New Normal" for music, then the Canadian rock scene is in good hands. "The Saskatchewan-based group’s second full-length album bursts with forceful energy and unpredictable-yet-danceable rhythms. Wild drum patterns clash with heavy, melodic riffs, creating an aggressive sound that is radically different on each of New Normal’s 13 tracks." "With edgy, intelligent lyrics, UPD’s songs cover an outrageously diverse array of subject matter. New Normal is an unbelievable recording full of surprises and hooks that set UPD far apart from any other rock group today." Erika Stark -

Sound Proof Magazine Apr 22/ 09 "Ultimate Power Duo is a band that doesn't take their punk rock sound or themselves too seriously, which is much-needed in our sometimes too-serious world. Stephanie Cloutier -

New Normal Review Apr 1/09 4 out of 5 stars "Blending the angularity of old school Drive Like Jehu riffage with some Pixies-style feedback, this band’s sophomore long player will be hipster marmalade for the whole it loud." Lee Repko -

New Normal Review Mar 17/09 "It seems to dare you to get close and then spit in your eye...A fascinating album."

New Normal Review Feb 12/09 "...squeezing as much juice as possible from every coarse note."

New Normal Review Feb 5/09 "With new wave swagger and angularity behind the guitars and just enough splash from the drummer, their voltage-bolt attack will make you happy Saskatchewan has its own music scene." Mark Lepage -

Top 5 greatest live moments Dec 3/08 "They started the song by playing a loud punk riff and screaming "The cone of silence isn’t working!" But then, all in one synchronized motion they kept freaking out and pretending they were playing, but turned off their instruments and stopped hitting the drums. So the cone of silence was back on! They continued to alternate having the cone on and off for the rest off the song, very original!"

NXNE 08 Review "Saskatoon’s Ultimate Power Duo were a rockin’ site to behold. Counter-intuitively playing as a trio, the group laid it down as frenetically and hard as humanly possible. It’s always impressive to watch people who play as though their balls are on the line."

NXNE Chart Attack Review Toronto June 14/08 "The skies opened and a tremendous thunderstorm began as the Ultimate Power Duo took the stage. For real. It was like in Masters Of The Universe, when Prince Adam yells "By the power of Grayskull!" and becomes He-Man."

I Heart Music Jun 1/08 "(UPD) take something as primitive as Ramones-style three-chord punk, make it sound even more simple, but also make it even catchier."

Planet S Saskatoon May 22/08 "Power-tripping guards bounce local rockers at border...It's ridiculous enough to be a hilarious bit on The Colbert Report, but it's true."

Afterglow Apr 15/08 "Sounding a bit like the Swell Maps breaking into the White Panther Party"

FFWD Calgary Junofest Preview April/08 "SK's Ultimate Power Duo are fresh off an attempted visit to SXSW. The border guards wouldn't let them through- they were probably intiminated by the bands obvious power. Still Austins loss is Calgary's gain, as the incident will likely add some fury to the band's pop culture laden power pop."

The Neighbourhood Express Feb 24/08 "By the end of the interview I was sure of one thing: based on their collaborative talent, drive, and sheer love of music - no matter what route they choose to take, this band is going to go far."

In Session CBC3 podcast Vancouver Feb 13/08 "Ultimate Power Duo prove yet again, that Saskatoon kids kick it!"

Birmingham Evening News UK July 12/07 "Punk trio Ultimate Power Duo are taking the DIY route to fame and fortune"

Birmingham Evening News UK July 12/07 "There seems to be a wealth of Canadian rock bands around at the moment, and Ultimate Power Duo are one of the rising stars of the scene."

Evening Mail UK July 25/07 "They offer big Ruts-esque riffs, cocky vocals, frenetic drumming and no-frills "Demolition Rock"

Saskatoon Star Phoenix Junofest Review April 2/07 "Saskatoon's Ultimate Power Duo began the Junofest carnival by standing for a full minute and a half, facing the center of the darks tage with fists raised."

Saskatoon Star Phoenix Junofest Review April 2/07 "UPD moved quickly into a hight-octane set of 70's inspired speed-punk, along with a frantic stage presence complete with head shakes, stomps and swings."

Culture Bully Review 07 "UPD left everything they had on the stage."

U of A Edmonton Sept 21/06"Ultimate Power Duo makes a strong entrance in to the Canadian punk scene with their classic sound."

U of A Edmonton Sept 21/06"Opening almost every song with an old-school punk countdown, the Power Duo play thrashy, three-chord tunes that are heavily influenced by the early British punk movement, without all the anarchy or heroin".

Vue Weekly Sept 20/06The album’s best track is called “Heil Taxi! Mein Kab!”, which is the greatest name for anything ever.

SXSW Review 06 "When I think of Canada now, I'll think of UPD instead of Nickelback, the Montreal Screwjob and hockey."

Chart Attack CMW Review Mar 6/06 "Sweaty rock with a ton of attitude and intense tongue-in-cheek humour that is so engrained in the power duo themselves that their act is like no other around."

Chart Attack CMW Review Mar 6/06 "Hard aggressive rock sharing something with the authentic, original punk of the British pioneers."

Chart Attack CMW Review Mar 6/06 "This is no normal rock show, these guys are something special."

Ottawaxpress Feb 23/06 "The sound is decidedly a throwback to the likes of Black Flag and the Minutemen."

Ottawaxpress Feb 23/06 "A raucous live set that sets ears and eyes on fire."

Uptown Winnipeg Feb 23/06 "Making like Joey, Johnny and Dee Dee nerver died, UPD has a knack for the all-killer-no-filler anthem."

Winnipeg Free Press Oct 06 "SASKATOON'S Ultimate Power Duo is actually a power trio specializing in full-throttle, punkified '70s retro rock. The disc "We're in Control Now" is filled with 18 short punchy blasts of heavy grooves and maximum riffage." /p>

Uptown Winnipeg Feb 23/06 "It's true punk rock- so pure that UPD needs its own genre."

Uptown Winnipeg Feb 23/06 "If you want to throw your fist in the air, and bash your head into something and have it over in a minute and a half, then this will be good for you."

Regina Leader Post Feb 23/06 "Ultimate Power Duo has gotten back to the gut-level rock-and-roll basics sorely missing in music today."

Planet S Mag Saskatoon Jan19/06 "A buzz like a shotgun blast has ripped across Canada based on their live shows alone."

Ezine Articles "Ultimate Power Duo blends equal parts modern punk and retro Liverpool sounds for an album that is fun from beginning to end."

Vancouver Sun Oct26/05 "WCMA- Pick of the Festival: Good for Ramones fans, and fans of songs lasting less than one minute."

Georgia Straight Vancouver Vans Warped 05 Tour Review "Sensing Warped’s cross-generational drift, bassist the Riz kicked off Ultimate Power Duo’s performance by exhorting us to lock up your daughters and beat up your sons!"

Georgia Straight Vancouver Vans Warped 05 Tour Review "Exploding out of the basement with three homemade EP’s in quick succession, each one a breathless gale of three-chord punk, the Ultimate Power Duo finds itself verging on becoming a phenomenon…the band has acquired more press than many acts will see in a lifetime, and a nation wide buzz that is quickly becoming deafening."

Georgia Straight Vancouver Vans Warped Tour 05 Tour Preview "Aging punks with receding Mohawks will likely shed a sentimental tear when they catch the act, whose ultra-low-teck DIY approach, power-punk riffs and schoolboy surrealism bring to mind distant Brisitsh pioneers like the Television Personalities or Jon Otway + Wild Willy Barrett…if this were thirty years ago Ultimate Power Duo would no doubt have been snapped up by a fledging Rough Trade."

Wavelength music series Toronto Jul 05 "The duo-actually a trio- aren’t entirely unlike the Ramones, recording in a garage pissed on JD and malt liquor, slurring and chanting about transformers, U.S. foreign policy and good old fashion boozing."

Eye Weekly Toronto Mar 10/05 "CMW Nicest Surprise: The meager crowd did not stop Ultimate Power Duo from playing the room like it was Maple Leaf Gardens…setting the scene with synchronized rock salutes, they ripped into "Buddy Holly was the First Ramone"…a blast of loudfasttight garage punk rock with dual-vocal attack and dexterous stop-start rhythms."

Eye Weekly Toronto Mar 10/05 "Most outrageously fun moment: the chorus of "Ultimate Power Duo Enters the Cone of Silence", which they played with complete conviction, in complete silence. Brilliant."

Chart Attack CMW Report Card Mar 4/05 "Witty concepts were delivered through catchy punk-rock, with many a "yeah" or "uh-huh"- simple, loud, energetic, good music, with a touch of swagger."

Chart Attack CMW Report Card Mar 4/05 "Ballsy rock with big riffs and cocky vocals. Wall of guitar matched by frenetic drumming."

Exclaim Online Mar 9/05 "Ultimate Power Duo can go from Ween to Velvet Underground in one song…final decision: clever."

The Sheaf Saskatoon, Feb 24/05 "UPD hold a great deal of promise."

FFWRD Calgary Dec 16/04 "The UPD stage an ear-numbing guitar vs. bass melee flooded with enough reverberation and feedback to bring the walls crashing down around them."

FFWRD Calgary Dec 16/04 "Fall prey to volume and vigour, as the duo hurl themselves into a deafening oblivion."

FFWRD Calgary Dec 16/04 "Bringing their Saskatoon-bred sense of noise and mayhem across the Prairies, ScottRP, and The Riz kick out the jams and make mincemeat outta the beefiest tunes around."

See Magazine Edmonton Dec 2/04 "Fast paced and dirty to the core..."

See Magazine Edmonton Dec 2/04 "Domination conspiracy... Ultimate Power Duo targets: The Universe."

See Magazine Edmonton Dec 2/04 "Simple, basic, primal...all tongue-in-cheek masterpieces of 70's punk-rock inspired noise."

Regina Leader Post Dec/04 "Dynamic Duo Takes On World"

The Reflector Calgary Sep 30/04 "Ultimate Power Duo keeps Their Eyes on the Prize"

The Reflector Calgary Sep 30/04 "Noisy, simple,'s not next world mind control, but it's close."

The Reflector Calgary Sep 30/04 "With classic, simplistic, punk rock melodies, the Duo is putting a new spin on an old genre."

Saskatoon Star Phoenix Sep 16/04 "They're in Control Now!"

Nerve Magazine Vancouver Sep 18/04 "These two EPs by the Saskatoon-based Stereolith that is Ultimate Power Duo are both contemporary masterpieces that fall somewhere between Ulysses and The Fall’s Live at the Witch Trials LP in terms of their cultural impact."

Planet S Mag Saskatoon Sep 16/04 "The power duo’s stripped down, dramatic-pause saturated sound is earning them fans wherever they play…"

XJAM Battle of the Bands Judge "Breathing Life into an over-saturated power rock genre"

Chart Magazine Toronto May 2004 "Ultimate Power Duo strip it down to a simple White Stripes/ Ramones axis and pepper it with old school U.K. punk style and bargain basement politics. Never have all the answers sounded simpler."